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My practice focuses on estate planning, probate, residential and commercial real estate, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. I also perform editing services “in the background” for other attorneys who either lack the ability or do not want to spend the time polishing and finalizing. Court briefs to the level of professionalism that they would prefer prior to arguing their position before the Court. Although I focus on Estate Planning and Real Estate Law, here are some generally helpful tips that anyone can use. Remember, not all advice fits every situation, , and what may make perfect sense for your neighbor or bridge partner may be inappropriate for you. I therefore strongly encouraged you seek the counsel of an experienced attorney for information on all your legal questions.

Should I execute a will?

Estate planning is not only for the elderly. All adults should have an estate plan specifying what should happen to their property when they pass away. While most people prefer not to think about such issues, death is a reality that is, for most of us, unplanned. It is much better to draw up your own. Will than to rely on what the law has in store for everyone who did not take the time to do so. If you have a spouse or children, it is especially important for you to have a Will (and Living Trust, if appropriate) to ensure that they are properly taken care of once you have moved on. Who gets the house? The brokerage account? The life insurance? My wedding ring? My license plate collection? These are all questions that to be thought through.

How much should I say?

Be open and honest. An attorney can only help you insofar as you help him or her understand your case or situation. Withholding details or information from your lawyer only makes his or her job that much more difficult, which is in every case a detriment to your claim or defense. Your attorney is there to represent you and, therefore, you need to have enough trust in him or her to discuss everything pertaining to your situation. Your attorney may ask questions that may seem very personal in nature. Remember, that an attorney’s only concern is to ensure that you come out of the situation with the best possible result, and, as such, you should answer honestly and not feel defensive when being questioned.

Should I ask questions?

Ask questions and make sure that you get answers. Your attorney should expect that you will have many questions about your case or legal matter, your attorney’s background, the cost of the proceedings, and other aspects of the law. You should know exactly what to expect walking into legal proceedings, from lawyer fees, to the time frame, to court procedures, to possible outcomes. Make sure you are comfortable with your attorney and that you understand what is likely to occur before deciding to hire the attorney.

Legal Expertise

If you require legal advice or representation, do not hesitate to call the Law Offices of Stuart J. Snider today. I am available to help you take your first step towards resolving your legal matter. While my focus is on Estate Planning and Real Estate, I offer many other legal services.

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