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Legal Writing

Lawyers generally know in their heads what they want to say, but sometimes their legal training, lack of ability, or lack of time (or the desire to put in the time) interferes with their being able to express their argument clearly and succinctly in writing. That’s where I can help. Working “in the background,” I can yank out the legalese, tighten your paragraphs, shorten your brief’s overall length, and generally improve and polish the writing style, all without compromising, and, indeed, enhancing, the fullness and thrust of your argument.

Need Assistance With Your Legal Writing?

I can start with you at the ground level, or you can have me review and edit your final work product before it’s filed. My motto is: “If judges have to read it twice, they may not.” So why ever put a judge, and your case, in that situation? My rates are reasonable, and you will end up with a better-written product, which can certainly increase your––and your client’s––chances of success. Although a case cannot always win on substance, a case should never, ever lose on form. Remember, you want the judge, while reading your brief, to be nodding his head — not nodding off. Give me a call to discuss how I may assist you with your brief.